Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour Support

At St Joseph’s Primary School, we have adopted a whole school approach to supporting behaviour in a positive manner.  Our Whole School Approach to Positive Behaviour Support (WSAPBS) is an evidence-based framework that outlines a school wide system that clearly defines social and behavioural expectations as well as providing explicit teaching to support the development of these key relationship skills.

This approach ensures that all members of our school community are familiar with our School Wide Expectations (SWE). We believe that acting on our SWE helps us to build strong and positive relationships as well as to build effective communication skills. 

Our four School Wide Expectations are:


At St Joseph’s School, we understand that these expectations are to be used 100% of the time and by all members of our school community.  We look for opportunities to explicitly teach each of the SWE, what it means and how it looks in our school, family and in the wider community.  The SWE are considered extremely important as we continue to build our school community and move forward, together in a positive manner. 


The Front Door Project was completed by the St Joseph's Community in 2020. During remote learning we set our school a challenge to show how our families are resilient and inclusive during times of adversity. Even though we were unable to physically be together, we felt that we could show how we can stay strong and connected whilst belonging to an incredibly supportive and fantastic school community. The result is amazing and we love the support and energy given by so many within our school community. Thank you to all families and teachers that contributed to our Front Door Project. 


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