St Joseph’s Primary School has a strong tradition of providing quality Catholic education in Trafalgar. The School was founded in 1930 by the Sisters of St. Joseph and still maintains a strong commitment to nurture in students the capacity and desire to respond to the needs of our time with faith and courage.

Sisters Michael, Peter and Basil arrived in Trafalgar in 1930 and started to teach classes in the Church building. Within two years the numbers of children had grown and two classrooms accommodating 80 students were built. 

In 1961 a new school able to accommodate 400 children was built next to the convent and is the present site for the school.  This consisted of four classrooms, offices and a big shelter area and over the years these areas have been refurbished and upgraded.  The school now has 7 classrooms, a Discovery Centre and our Mary Mackillop assembly area.

St Joseph's  is a modern and stylish school with spacious playgrounds and equipment.

58 Waterloo Rd
Trafalgar VIC 3824

Phone: 03 5633 1151