Parents and Friends


The P & F is a group that is active in fundraising and organising social events. The Association meets on a monthly basis throughout the term.  The Executive of this Association is the President, Vice President, Secretary Shrove_Tuesday.jpgand Treasurer for that period of office.

The P & F organise many special activities over the school year: 

- Mother's Day stall

- Father's Day stall

- Special Lunches

- Funraising events

- School Fun Run

The maintenance of the school property is an ongoing concern and is a shared responsibility of all users.  Parents are asked to come along and help in a variety of different tasks, ranging from gardening, painting, cleaning etc.  All students are expected to take pride in their school by keeping the grounds litter free and looking after the gardens.

It is always great to see parents and family members attend Mass, excursions, assemblies, sporting events and carnival. 


58 Waterloo Rd
Trafalgar VIC 3824

Phone: 03 5633 1151