Developing leadership skills in all students is a key focus at St Joseph’s. Taking responsibility for assemblies; sports, art and music equipment; leading rituals and ceremonies and recycling are some of the tasks which are undertaken in our student leadership program.

Classroom leadership, buddy leadership and playground interactions are evidence students are ready for leadership responsibilities. Senior students are included in leadership tasks on a rotational basis whereby every five weeks badges and certificates are distributed to newly inducted leaders. 


The Grade Six students have the opportunity to attend an exciting conference in Melbourne called The National Young Leaders DayThe aim of the conference is to inspire the children to make a positive contribution to the school and to motivate the children to become great leaders at school. It also hopes to empower the children with practical skills so they can balance study, school commitments and their social lives. Through a number of keynote presentations from different leaders, the conference exposes the children to inspirational and positive role models. 

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