After-School Art Classes

After-School Art Program 

At St Josephs Catholic Primary School the Arts are a valued part of the Education Program.  IMG_8642.jpg

With this in mind, each term the students have an opportunity to attend an After School Visual Arts program. For a small fee which covers materials, the students engage in a variety of art activities including needle felting, watercolour painting, 3D construction, drawing and mosaics.

There are usually three sessions run over three weeks which are each of 80 minute duration.

The sessions are adjusted to allow for all age groups and all students from Foundation to Year 6 are therefore welcome to attend. The focus for these sessions is on skill development and creative expression in a relaxed, fun environment. 

School Holiday Art Program

When possible, there is also a similar School Holiday program run in the Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 school holidays. This is a 1x5 hour day session focussing on one art medium. There is a small fee to cover materials for this program. All students are invited and welcome to attend. 

Both of these programs are very popular with families and for this reason they are of particular value to many as there is a great opportunity for siblings to interact and strengthen their relationships in a shared experience.


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